4G Internet and Flat-Rate Calling Throughout the ENTIRE Caribbean for $1 USD per day! Zero roaming or hidden fees!

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If you've ever traveled through the Caribbean, you know how ridiculously expensive phone calls and internet service can be. Cruise Ships routinely charge customers $2.50 to $6.00 per minute for calls while on board. What's worse, your mobile phone is subject to very costly international roaming fees: carriers typically charge $15 to $20+ per megabyte of data and a small fortune for voice traffic.

Up until now, there have only been a couple solutions for staying connected, all of which have a bunch of downsides:

Local SIMs

  • $30 to $50 each if buying online
  • Very time consuming to purchase upon arrival
  • Each account needs to be topped up individually
  • Compatibility issues with your handset (different frequencies)
  • Need to hand out multiple phone numbers
  • Expensive internet and calling rates

"International Roaming" SIMs

  • Very high per-minute calling rates
  • Data prices are outrageous, they save you no money and are often-times far more expensive than local cards (read the fine print!)

Satellite Phones

  • Expensive handsets (retail for $1,300+), pricey to rent.
  • Very high per-minute fees and monthly charges
  • Target for theft, damaging or losing one is costly
  • Data option provides very slow access to email only, no web browsing

Cruise Ship Phones

  • $2.50 to $6.00 per minute for calls
  • Only works on-board, no calls/internet from your mobile phone


What our Caribbean SIM Cards Provide


Insanely inexpensive 4G Internet Service FREE incoming calls and texts
Dirt-cheap calling – both domestically and internationally Coverage in parts Central/Latin America
One pre-assigned phone number that reaches you anywhere in the Caribbean ZERO roaming fees, hidden or monthly charges
100% prepaid service, no personal information required 24/7/365 technical support

 The numbers speak for themselves, here's the pricing we offer through the Caribbean:


Internet Rates

Guaranteed 4G Quota Duration Price (US Dollars)                    
500MB 1 Day $0.99
2GB 7 Days $4.99
3GB 30 Days $14.99


Calling and SMS Rates

Destination Price (US Dollars)
Domestic mobile phones $0.02/minute
Domestic landlines $0.05/minute
Intra-Caribbean (direct-dial) $0.09/minute
International (direct-dial) $0.16/minute
International and Caribbean (via access number)

$0.06 to $0.07 per minute to landlines *

Incoming Calls and Texts



* Rates apply to most destinations. Calls to mobile destinations are slightly higher in countries where the calling party pays, for example, France.


Lots of people forget most of the Caribbean is part of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan). This is why you can call Jamaica from the USA by dialing 1-876-XXX-XXXX, exactly like any other regular phone number.

When doing this from the USA, it's considered an "international call" with higher rates (just like when phoning Canada). With these SIMs, the entire Caribbean is considered local calling and you'll get special, deeply-discounted pricing.

Regardless of where you're physically located, domestic calls in all 24 countries are only $0.02/min to mobiles and $0.05/min to landlines.


You can travel to all 24 destinations listed below with absolutely zero roaming charges for calls or data:

Antigua & Barbuda Bonaire Dominica Guadeloupe Martinique St. Vincent & Grenadines
Aruba British Virgin Islands El Salvador Guyana
Barbados Cayman Islands French Guyana Haiti St. Kitts & Nevis Trinidad and Tobago
Bermuda Curacao Grenada Jamaica St. Lucia Turks & Caicos

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